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Music2Gather for modern music learners

Hypermedia Micro-course let you learn at ease!

Moderners are hungry to learn and yet, have shorter attention span than goldfish.
Each Micro-course at Music2Gather takes single skill or song (instrutment) as learning objective and curated it into byte-size (5min or less) interactive learning units.

Goal-driven courses
Chunk size course units
Hypermedia interaction
Hyper-M Courses

Publish your know-how

Make music lovers fly with your knowledge

Why Do it?

Why Hypermedia Micro-courses will not jeapordize teachers business? What benefits it will bring to them indeed?


How to do it?

What defines a good micro-course? What are the key things you need to know to assure learning quality?


Where to promote?

Why you should promote it? What are the benefits and what support resources you will receive from us?


Manage visibility of your unpublished work
with differrent in-group channels students teachers

Authorize whom can access your unpublished work

Once you become advanced member at Music2Gather APP, you will be able to
create your own interactive micro-courses, and assign specific friends and/or group members to access your work. Contact us at contact@music2gather.com for more details.

No coding required to run your content with different in-groups