Importance of micro-learning

Millennials (born in 1984-2004, 75% of all workforces) are hungry to learn and yet, have merely 90 seconds attention span. Traditional teaching contents & methods no longer can serve their learning needs.

Online Videos save no one

Learners get lost in tones of non-curated, non-interactive videos/live streaming, while teachers' premium videos can be copied simply with one "click".

Content is still king, but need a revolution to deliver

Unlike linear video lessons, Music2Gather Hypermedia Lesson units consist of video, slides/images, text and audio narrative interlinking each others, allowing learners to jump to specific knowledge point easily. This non-linear way of learning allows learners to learn in their own sequence, revisit wherever they want.

Every Teacher/Musician have their know-how/tricks in Music. Making them available using Music2Gather's Hypermedia experience not only allow you to do more with less (lower production cost, better learning experience), but also enhance protection of your IP.

How to prepare to publish Hypermeida lessons

~ Requirements ~
  • Every Hypermeida lesson must have a specific teaching goal (e.g. Play "XXX song with "xx instrutment" in "xx duration" using "xx method)
  • Every lesson consists of 3-9 units, 3-5min each
  • Total lesson time last for 15-45 min
~ Materials preparation ~

1. Lesson file (.doc)
(Text details of your lesson)
  • Theme/title of the lesson
  • Lesson introduction
  • Title of each unit
  • Narrative text of each unit

2. Audio narrative (.mp3)
(Voice recording of all units)
  • unit1.mp3
  • unit2.mp3
  • unit3.mp3
  • .....

3. Images, short videos
(Mark where to insert in lesson file)
  • Any image formats and types, e.g. scores, slides
  • Video/demos should be short (2min max)

4. Pack and submit
(Pack and email M2G)
  • Filename: ""
  • Mail the file or link to
~ Follow-up and publishing ~
  • Fill our instructor form (agreement) Click to start
  • Music2Gather editorial team will review and adapt your submitted content into Hypermedia format and experience;
  • We will discuss the pricing together. After you review and approve the edited version of your Hypermedia lesson, we will make it live on Music2Gather;
  • You can login to Music2Gather App, and check the Sales stat. of your Hypermedia lesson at "My account" anytime after it goes live.